Venetian Beads



Venetian  glass beads have been dazzling our senses since the 11th century. Marco  Polo brought these Italian glass beads in Asia during the 12th century  and Columbus traded them to the Native Americans in the 1500s. Venetian  beads have set the standard by which all glass beads are judged. Each  bead is handmade and produced only on the Isle of Murano, a short  distance from the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy. This glass exhibits  stunning colors and certain styles are enhanced with 24k gold or .925  fine silver foil. When fashioned into jewelry, these small works of art  have been favorites around the world for over a millennium.You should  know, there are manufacturers in several other countries that attempt to  imitate Venetian beads. Authentic Venetian beads are only produced on  the Isle of Murano! Since they are produced with the highest standards  of quality they are understandably more expensive than the machine made  beads of the Czech Republic or the mass produced imitations from China. I  insist upon using genuine Murano beads exclusively on all my jewelry in  this collection. When you compare the shimmering brilliance of real  Venetians against the cheap copies made elsewhere, you'll quickly  realize the difference in cost is a small price to pay to own the  best. Venetian beads are durable, but it is advised, as with all  jewelry, to treat them with care. Please remember, all handmade objects  will exhibit slight variations during manufacturing process. These are  not imperfections. Rather, they enhance the unique nature of this  jewelry. All of my beads are matched for color and size for your  complete satisfaction. Browse the collection. If you have any questions  or concerns, please email before ordering. I want you to wear and enjoy  your new jewelry for years to come.